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In 2017 the pharmaceuticals sector has registered a record in exports, driven by production that exceeds 30 billion Euros (of which 71% is destined for foreign markets) and from the investments of 2,4 billion Euros (1,2 in R&D and 1,2 in production). Since 2010 the pharmaceutical industry has marked a growth of over 50% of it’s export market.  Italy represents 19% of the market for the main EU countries. These facts show the great importance of this industry for the Italian economy, where the pharmaceutical sector represents an evident excellence. Our country is placed N. 2 in Europe for the production of pharmaceuticals , second only to Germany, with a possibility to become N.1 in the medium term. The pharmaceutical industry in Italy is characterized by a unique composition in Europe, with a contribution balanced by Italian capital that accounts for 40% of the industrial role and foreign, which accounts for 60%. The pharmaceutical sector in Italy is therefore an area with high added value. What is the point of confrontation with Logistics that represent the necessary interface? What are the necessities expressed in that way by production? What is the area of change desirable or necessary? What are the qualitative parameter references? On a rigorously technical and practical level this is the context in which Pharmacom Italia was born.

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